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Traditional drug discovery and development efforts have become increasingly complex, lengthy, capital-intensive, and are prone to high failure rates. The process involves experimental screening of existing libraries of molecules to find molecules with detectable activity, or “hit molecules,” followed by many rounds of chemical synthesis to attempt to optimize those hit molecules to a development candidate that can be advanced into clinical development. 

Efforts to optimize initial first hit molecules for a drug discovery project involve costly and iterative synthesis and testing of molecules seeking to identify a molecule with the required property profile. The optimal profile has an acceptable balance of properties such as potency, selectivity, solubility, bioavailability, half-life, permeability, drug-drug interaction potential, synthesizability, and toxicity. These properties are often inversely correlated, meaning that optimizing one property often de-optimizes others. 

The challenge of optimizing hit molecules is amplified by the limited number of molecules that can be feasibly tested across these properties with traditional methods. Add to this the need to create therapies for specific groups of patients, with specific genetic profiles.  As a result, this optimization process often fails to yield a molecule with a satisfactory property profile to be a development candidate, which is why many drug discovery programs fail to advance into clinical development.

Our differentiated, physics, chemistry, biology and mathematics-based software platform will enable the discovery of high-quality, novel molecules for drug development and materials applications more rapidly, at lower cost, and with, we believe, a higher likelihood of success compared to traditional methods. We believe that we can improve the likelihood of success for compounds by 150%, and that we can also reduce the cost of a typical 3 phase FDA clinical study by over $120 million, and shave 5 to 6 years off the process. We estimate the market for our services to be in excess of $25BB annually.


Our computational Software as a Service (SaaS) platform is capable of predicting critical properties of molecules with a high degree of accuracy. This critical capability enables drug discovery teams to design and selectively synthesize molecules with more optimal properties, reducing the average time and costs required to identify a development candidate and increasing the probability that a drug discovery program will enter clinical development. Furthermore, we believe that development candidates with more optimized property profiles will have a higher probability of success in clinical development.  

Ultimately, we believe that this approach, which enables scientists to test far more variables faster than what is available today, will lead to personalized drug development.

Image by D koi
Image by D koi


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