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Senior Optical Scientist

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FastTrac is seeking a Senior Optical Scientist to lead innovative research and development projects that bridge the fields of optics and medical research. This individual will have a strong background in optical science, focusing on applications in medical imaging, diagnostics, and therapeutics. 


  • Lead the development and implementation of cutting-edge optical systems and solutions for biomedical applications, contributing to our mission of advancing healthcare technology. 

  • Collaborate with multidisciplinary teams of scientists, clinicians, and engineers to integrate optics into medical research and product designs. 

  • Direct the design, modeling, simulation, and testing of optical systems for diagnostic and therapeutic purposes. 

  • Improve existing optical designs and guide the patenting process of novel optical solutions. Prepare and present technical reports, scientific papers, and product specifications to technical and non-technical audiences. 

  • Mentor junior optical scientists and engineers, fostering a culture of innovation and technical excellence. 

  • Stay current with the latest optics and medical research developments, incorporating new knowledge into ongoing projects. 


  • Ph.D. in Physics, Optics, Biomedical Engineering, or a related field, with 5+ years of industry experience. 

  • Extensive experience with optical system design and application in the medical field. Proficiency in optical design software (such as Zemax, Code V, or LightTools). 

  • Demonstrated experience in designing and implementing optical systems for medical diagnostics or therapeutics. 

  • Strong analytical skills, problem-solving ability, and attention to detail. Excellent written and verbal communication skills. 

  • Ability to work collaboratively in a team environment and manage multiple concurrent projects. 

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