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Sr. Physics Scientist

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Job Summary: The Sr. Physics Scientist will drive our research forward, develop innovative solutions, and provide technical leadership. The ideal candidate will have a strong background in physics, preferably with a specialization relevant to our current projects, and have a demonstrated ability to work collaboratively in a dynamic, multi-disciplinary environment.  


  • Conceive, design, and conduct advanced research projects in physics, contributing to our understanding and application of physical principles.  

  • Analyze, interpret, and report on complex data sets to make meaningful contributions to our project outcomes.  

  • Lead a team of junior scientists and research associates, providing mentorship and guidance to foster their professional development.  

  • Collaborate cross-functionally with teams from other disciplines, such as engineering, software development, and product management.  

  • Keep abreast of the latest developments in physics, integrating new findings and techniques into our research program.  

  • Contribute to wring and submitting patents, academic papers, and reports.  


  • Ph.D. in Physics or a closely related field.  

  • Minimum five years of postdoctoral experience in a research-intensive environment.  

  • Proven record of high-impact research in physics, as demonstrated by publications in peer-reviewed journals.  

  • Proficiency in various physics modeling, simulation tools, and data analysis software (such as MATLAB and Python).  

  • Excellent communication skills, conveying complex scientific principles and findings to various audiences.  

  • Proven ability to lead and mentor junior scientists and handle multiple projects simultaneously.  

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